Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Ivana Talks Immigration, Women

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GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana praised his treatment of women, and also talked about immigration during an interview with the New York Postsaying America needs Trump’s immigration policies to win back respect.

“And I’m an immigrant,” Ivana said. She’s originally from the Czech Republic. “As long as you come here legally and get a proper job,” she said, adding “we need immigrants. Who’s going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? Americans don’t like to do that.”

Ivana said she has “nothing against Mexicans.”

“But if they [come] here — like this 19-year-old, she’s pregnant, she crossed over a wall that’s this high. She gives birth in American hospital, which is for free. The child becomes American automatically,” she explained. “She brings the whole family, she doesn’t pay the taxes, she doesn’t have a job, she gets housing, she gets the food stamps. Who’s paying? You and me.”

She also said she talks to Trump after his campaign appearances and has told him to be more calm.

“He’s no politician. He’s a businessman. He knows how to talk. He can give an hour speech without notes . . . He’s blunt.” Ivana added that Trump would surround himself with “fantastic advisers, like Carl Icahn. Really brilliant minds. And he’d make a decision! Obama cannot make a decision if his life depends on it. It’s ridiculous.”

After Trump and Ivana married in 1977, Trump hired her as vice president of interior design with the Trump Organization.

“He gave me the chance. I came [to America] and I was a poor person. I had a sense of style so he put me in charge of interior design of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I was seven months pregnant and going up the steps, making sure everything was on the schedule,” she said, defending her ex-husband against critics who say he doesn’t respect women.


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