Heidi Cruz Shares Personal Side of Life With Ted In Megyn Kelly Interview

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) celebrates with his wife Heidi at the American Serb Hall Banquet Center after the polls closed on April 5, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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Heidi Cruz shared personal account of her marriage to Sen. Ted Cruz and the tough presidential campaign trail, during an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News.

Kelly asked Cruz how she reacted to the idea of her husband running for President so recently after his run for U.S. Senate.

Cruz responded:

When you’re doing something for your spouse only, and you feel like you’ve done a lot for your spouse, and visa versa, Ted has been so supportive of me as well, but you start to think about those tradeoffs and if you’re willing to do it for them and I did feel a little bit itchy, ya know I just wasn’t sure, we had just gone through a Senate race, things were kind of settled, I was running the group at the time, running the group and our girls were young. And it hit me one day, if Ted could even be a voice in this election for constitutional freedoms, for economic growth and for greater security for our families, that we should be part of this. Ted is just too talented to be out of the debate.

Cruz said “attacks on character are a distraction” in reference to Trump’s term “Ly’in Ted.” She said, “If there’s one thing that’s true about Ted it’s that he always tells the truth.”

She commented that the Trump tweet showing a split shot of her and Trump’s wife Melania came just before Cruz’s “sweeping victory in Utah.” Cruz won Utah with 69 percent the same day that Trump took a resounding win in Arizona. She also pointed out that Kelly has also been the focus of Trump tweets.

Cruz said the tweet didn’t impact her at all, “When you have a husband who is standing by you that is so strong and so unflappable, it really gives me a lot of strength…I have one job on this campaign and that is to get out and tell the voters who Ted Cruz is. And when telling the truth about who your husband is, is your job its pretty easy and it’s been great for our marriage.”

Because I don’t tweet, because I know what my job is on the campaign and because I know that every time the Trump campaign starts to lose they throw in distractions of personal destruction.

Kelly asked Cruz about the National Enquirer story claiming Sen. Cruz had several affairs. Mrs. Cruz used the word “garbage” to describe the report as her husband had earlier. She continued, “This is another example of Donald Trump engaging in the politics of personal destruction, using his henchmen to go out and try to destroy others while he’s losing. And I think these silly barbs and made up stories did not come out early in the campaign because he felt he was doing okay.”

Kelly stated, “for the record,” that Trump has said he had nothing to do with the report.

“We don’t spend a lot of time talking about it on the campaign because we still have 16 states to win,” Cruz responded.

Cruz described telling her daughters what kind of First Lady she would be. “I would aspire to be a partner with Ted, but to do things for children, for entrepreneurship and for school choice, but in a partnership format.”

Kelly noted Mrs. Cruz’s credentials as a “Harvard MBA, managing director at Goldman Sachs, former Bush administration official, devout Christian, loving wife, loving mother.”

Cruz called her role at this time as a “blessing” and that she feels very “fulfilled.”

Early in the interview Cruz spoke of her love for business at a very young age and starting a bread business in competition with her brother.

She recalled an early and quick attraction to her now husband when they met while the two were working on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign.

Ted has a very rare combination that I spotted immediately which is he has a deep, deep intelligence, but at the same time he’s a lot of fun. Ted has an incredible command of pop culture, too much for his own good probably, he’s a big movie buff, he loves to play games. Ted will stay up all night if he’s playing a card game or playing chess.

She said she was “surprised to fall in love with someone so quickly,” but both she and her husband say that it was “love at first sight.”

Kelly asked Heidi Cruz about having a “tough time” while her husband was solicitor general of Texas. Cruz said, “Being humble is so important. And as you go through different transitions in your life, if you’re willing to start over sometimes, if you’re willing to always work hard. No job’s to small, no job’s too big and you see possibility, like Ted does where others don’t, it can be a much smoother path.” She said that the time was humbling in her spiritual walk. She also emphasized that “if you have a lot going on in your life, you need to ask people for help.”

Kelly asked Cruz if she “ever had working mother guilt.”

Cruz responded, “If the parent’s are happy with the tradeoffs they’ve made, there’s not a lot of working mother guilt if your kids are happy.”

She said, ‘our kids are really happy because they know their parents are happy.”

The interviewed aired at the same time as a CNN special town hall with Donald Trump and his family.

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