John Yob: ‘One Hundred Percent Certain’ GOP Will Have a Contested Convention

<> on March 24, 2016 in Dane, Wisconsin.
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On Breitbart News Daily Thursday morning, author John Yob warned the GOP will only select its nominee after a contested convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July.

“It’s a hundred precent certain in my mind to be a contested convention,” said Yob, who recently authored Chaos: The Outsider’s Guide to a Contested Republican National Convention. 

“It’s hard or impossible to get to 1,237 allocated delegates,” Yob continued. “As a result of that, you won’t know the results until the first ballot. So I would say it’s 100 percent likely to be a contested convention. That doesn’t mean it’s 100 percent likely to be a multi-ballot convention.”

Yob also disputed the notion put forth by RNC member Randy Evans that Trump could secure the nomination with only 1,100 delegates.

“I don’t think Randy Evans was right when he said 1,100. I understand what he’s saying, but I would disagree with that,” he said. “What he’s saying is that Donald Trump can find 137 delegates among the unbound delegates and among the Rubio delegates if they’re released on the first ballot. We won’t know whether those delegates are released or not until we know what the Rules Committee determines on that, the convention rules committee. It’s worth differentiating: Randy Evans is on the RNC Standing Committee on Rules, which will send a draft of rules to he convention rules committee.”

“But ultimately, it will be the convention Rules Committee that determines what the rules are as relates to binding and those unbound delegates. What he’s saying is there’s 137 delegates to be found out there among the unbound delegates… I’m not sure there is. We don’t know exactly how many unbound delegates there’s going to be,” he added, placing the number around 200. “I think saying he’s going to get 137 of the 200 is pretty high… That assumes that the Rubio delegates are still bound at the first ballot but we won’t know the answer to that. If those Rubio delegates become unbound, then there’s a much bigger pool to draw from and then maybe there are 137 out there.”

“But that would still be a contested convention,” Yob continued. “Because I’m sure Ted Cruz would make it go to that first ballot.”

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