GA Woman Arrested for Facebook Threat to Kill Cops Now Claims She Was Just Joking

East Point Police Department

Last year, police in Atlanta arrested a woman who took to Facebook to urge blacks to “kill every white cop” by shooting them in the head. Now the Facebook hater is claiming her obscene threats were just a joke.

Police arrested Ebony Monique Dickens in April of 2015 when her hate-filled Facebook post drew worried remarks from many in Atlanta.

The post in question was quite explicit and seemingly 100 percent serious. “All black ppl should rise up and shoot at every white cop in the nation starting now,” she wrote, adding, “I thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I’m caught by the police or killed by them. Ha!!!! I think I can pull it off. Might kill a least 15 tomorrow. I’m plotting now. They reading this sh** too right now. Freedom of speech tho. So when you can absolutely show me the 1st amendment where it explicitly says you can’t say ‘kill all cops,’ then I’ll delete my status. Other than that…NOPE!”

When confronted over the post, Dickens admitted she was the author and was then charged with making “online terroristic threats.”

Now, as she faces legal action, Dickens is apologetic. Yet even as she now says she is sorry she also insists she was just joking and that the posting was not supposed to be taken seriously.

“It was not meant that way,” Dickens claimed. “I would never advocate for anyone to be harmed by anyone. That is not the person that I am. My apology is genuine and sincere because I know for a fact that I do not want anyone’s lives taken, anyone being harmed by something that I put on Facebook.”

Dickens then went on to aver that she just wanted to “start a conversation” about police brutality after the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

“I’m apologetic because I would’ve been devastated if something had happened to an officer at the time that this happened. That would’ve killed me because I didn’t think about that,” Dickens now says.

Despite her indisputable guilt Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard has signaled that he intends to ask for the charges against the woman to be dismissed.

“Hopefully, Mrs. Dickens has learned a valuable lesson and we will not see her again,” Howard reportedly said.

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