MS-13 Gang Members Convicted for Gruesome Murders in Virginia as Illegal Immigration Surge Continues

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Six MS-13 gang members were convicted for three grisly murders and another attempted murder on Monday and face mandatory life sentences.

Thirteen gang members were originally charged, and six took plea deals and testified against the others, while one will face a separate trial.

The Washington Post reports:

The case dates back to October 2013, when prosecutors said several of the defendants plotted to kill a member believed to be cooperating with police.

Authorities intercepted them in Woodbridge one night as they were driving to Gar-Field High School, where the member, known only as Peligroso, took night classes. They found two machetes and a sawed-off shotgun in their car.

A week later, gang members killed Nelson Omar Quintanilla Trujillo, who was suspected of alerting police to the failed murder plot, prosecutors said. After luring Trujillo into Holmes Run Park in Fairfax County, they stabbed him to death, dismembered him and buried him in the woods. Several months later, they stabbed and decapitated Gerson Adoni Martinez Aguilar, an MS-13 recruit who was accused of stealing gang money and having sex with an incarcerated member’s girlfriend. They buried him in the same park.

The third murder took place in June 2014, when Chavez and two other gang members shot and killed Julio Urrutia in Alexandria, mistaking him for a rival gang member, according to the prosecutors.

Northern Virginia residents treasure the Fall Church park where El Salvadorian gangbangers buried the dismembered bodies as “an island of tranquility.” The killers repeatedly bragged about the details of their murders to an informant, also an El Salvadorian immigrant (doing the jobs Americans just won’t do).

One of the defendants who pled guilty said he helped to kill each of the three victims and admitted in court he also murdered two others back in El Salvador. Whether or not he is an anchor baby or illegal alien is never stated by the Washington Post.

The Post also notes:

MS-13 has operated in the Washington region since the early 1990s and has between 2,000 and 3,000 members in the area, according to gang experts.An aggressive crackdown by the FBI and local police in the mid-2000s drove the gang underground for several years. But more recently, law enforcement experts say, MS-13 leaders in El Salvador have pressured cliques in the Washington [D.C.] region to rebuild. The effort has unleashed a new round of violence in the past three years, experts said.

It’s indisputable that mass Third World immigration is transforming Virginia. Without immigration from El Salvador, there would be no MS-13 in America; its founders fled an El Salvador conflict in the 1980s. As it stands, one-fifth of the population of El Salvador lives in the U.S. And as the Associated Press reported in 2014, “El Salvador is the top country of birth for immigrants to Virginia,” allowing Third World gang violence and chaos to expand into American parks and schools. The Obama administration’s policy of encouraging Central American illegal aliens to surge across the border by the hundreds of thousands and shipping them to unsuspecting American neighborhoods has only worsened such problems.

The convictions come on the heels of another extremely violent crime committed by an El Salvadorian national. Illegal alien Mauricio Morales-Caceres will also serve a life sentence after he stabbed an acquaintance and father of two at least 89 times and ripped out his liver.


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