Donald Trump Challenges Liberal Press: ‘Find out How Much Hillary Clinton has Given to the Veterans — Nothing’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens at ;eft as Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative, speaks during a news conference in New York, Tuesday, May 31, 2016.
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump says he raised $5.6 million for veterans during his fundraiser in January before the Iowa caucus.

“I have raised a tremendous amount of money for the vets,” Trump said during a press conference at Trump Tower in New York City, adding, “almost six million dollars.” He says he expects more money to come in,

“I have been thanked by so many veterans groups throughout the United States,” Trump said.

He told the media that “all of the money has been paid out,” but spent the majority of his time slamming the liberal press for, instead of praising him for the money raised for veterans, questioning his intentions with the money.

“I will say that the press should be ashamed of themselves,” Trump criticized, adding that he will provide a list of where the money went.

Trump went on to list more than 42 veterans organizations and detailed how much money he has sent to each group.

“Zero dollars have been taken out for administration,” he added. “These are checks that have been delivered that have been cashed that are now being used to help the vets.”

“The press is so dishonest and so unfair,” he added. “What I got was worse than credit because they were questioning me,” he added about the press, saying he wants to be accountable for the money, but didn’t want all of the credit.

“Find out how much Hillary Clinton has given to the veterans. Nothing,” he challenged the media.

“I shouldn’t be lambasted,” he said, adding, “Not one penny did I take for administration cost.”

Trump also commented on the small group of veterans protesting against him outside of Trump Tower, which were affiliated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“They’re sent there by Hillary Clinton and their picketing,” Trump said, suggesting they’re protesting because of wanting to know where the money was donated. “The money has all been sent.”

“I wanted to keep it private,” Trump added.

Trump supporter and New Hampshire state Rep. Al Baldasaro jumped in to defend Trump against the media.

“Donald Trump is doing this for the heart,” Baldasaro stated, telling the press to look at his Veterans Affairs reform plan. He told the liberal media that they “need to get your head out of your butt and focus on the real issues.”

Trump also promised to continue to challenge the press if he is elected President of the United States.


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