Obamatrade Republican Defeated in Primary by Populist Scott Taylor


Former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor defeated Virginia Republican Rep. Randy Forbes in the June 14 primary, providing Americans and their legislators with more evidence of popular opposition to rigged trade deals, Obamatrade, and mass immigration.

Forbes voted in 2015 to hand “Fast Track Authority” to President Barack Obama. That authority stops Congress from amending trade deals — including the pending so-called Obamatrade or Trans-Pacific Partnership deal — and so transfers an important power from a Republican Congress to a Democratic president. Forbes is serving his eight two-year term in Congress.

Taylor will run against Democrat candidate Shaun Brown in November.

In the primary campaign, Taylor hammered Forbes for “disingenuously” voting for fast track while saying he would not vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). “He voted for fast track authority for this president. And I understand this is the mood of the country, and perhaps Donald Trump has really brought it to the forefront, that it doesn’t sound good for him to say that,” Taylor said. “But he already voted to give fast track authority to this president.”

Congress “acts as though they are witnesses to this process and not actual participants,” Taylor added.

NAFTA’s 20-year legacy should discourage politicians for voting for similar trade deals that will wipe out U.S. manufacturing jobs,” he said

“It benefits some people, but it puts downward pressure on wages and exacerbates America’s income gap. And that’s a huge problem, and it’s getting worse and worse. There are some positive things with trade, I do believe that for sure, but it’s got to be in a way that helps America,” he said.

“The TPP allows for foreign state-owned enterprises to undermine small businesses,” he said, and there are no sanctions against currency manipulation. “It also lets foreign corporations bypass U.S. law that [is] trying to protect our folks, our regulations, and our safeguards to protect America and our families, and our jobs. They can use TPP to go into some international court to undermine U.S. law.”

“So I think Congress is wrong, and one of the things I think you’ve seen with trade, but other things as well too, you’ve seen an abdication of duty of oversight,” he said, pointing out that for years Congress has given up more and more power to the executive branch.

Forbes had left the fourth U.S. congressional district to run in the second. Taylor won 52 percent to Forbes’ 41 percent.

American workers are furious with trade deals cooked up by Washington and corporations who have no loyalty to America or American workers.

A poll conducted in March found 85 percent of respondents rated “American jobs moving overseas because of the loss of American manufacturing” a six or more on a scale of one to ten, with ten being “an extremely important problem.”

Seventy percent also gave “trade deals with other countries that make it easier to import their products into the U.S.” at six or more, and 64 percent rated the same when it came to “increasing border security and controlling immigration.”

An incredible 63 percent agreed with replacing the entire U.S. Congress: “If there was a place on my ballot where I could vote to defeat and replace every single member of Congress, including my own representative, I would do so.”

Republican voters also gave Trump a record number of votes in the 2016 primary — over 13 million — as the billionaire businessman ran a populist, nationalist campaign that rejected unlimited migration and permanent resettlement of Third Worlders in the U.S., and trade deals such as TPP and NAFTA.


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