Exclusive – Black Men For Bernie Founder: ‘Trump Does Not Scare Me as Much as Hillary Clinton Does’

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Bruce Carter, founder of Black Men for Bernie, a grassroots organization supporting Senator Bernie Sanders’ White House bid, has had it with the Democratic Party.

“Trump does not scare me as much as Hillary Clinton does,” Carter confessed in an interview with Breitbart News. “The Democratic Party is a joke!”

“For so long [it’s] performed way worse than the Republican Party when it comes to serving [it’s] demographic,” Carter said. “We understand now that we don’t have the value that we once thought we had.”

Carter has traveled all over the United States, observing that “there are so many people who are hopeless, they’re tired, and they have been awakened by Senator Sanders’ [populist message] … to the fact that you really don’t matter.”

“To continually see bad behavior from our top officials makes his [Senator Sanders’] story even deeper in those who have now started to watch the political process.”

Carter believes now is the time for citizens to “break alliances and parties to figure out what person gives us the best chance.”

While its become clear that Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee, for Carter, that person is not Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s opponent, Donald Trump, meanwhile has begun to actively court the Sanders’ supporters. In numerous speeches since May, Trump has said that “to all of those Bernie Sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms.” Trump continued, “and by the way, the terrible trade deals that Bernie is so vehemently against — and he’s right on that — will be taken care of far better than anyone ever thought possible.”

Following the FBI’s decision Tuesday to not recommend charges against the former Secretary of State for her use of a private email server, Carter says his resolve to keep another Clinton out of the White House is stronger than ever. “This far what I have seen take place here in America with the elections, nothing surprises me,” Carter said.

“It confirms the collusion that works within the Democratic Party, that has allowed for so many people to be poverty-stricken when you continually have corruption” … “no one really wants to hold each other accountable and so for me it [Hillary’s not being charged] wasn’t a shock,” Carter explained. “In America I really understand now that as a 45-year-old black man certain people are above the law because I know had it been me or some of my peers that had done anything that was close to being a crime then they [would] have no problem putting me before a judge and jury and sentencing me and sending me off.”

I think that over the years she [Hillary] has made the investments monetarily to enough people. Whether it be black pastors or whether it be black politicians” … “especially the Congressional Black Caucus who have no problem selling their constituents out for their own self-gain.

When you look at the conditions of their constituents ­– whether it be Eddie Bernice Johnson, whether it be John Lewis, whether it be Bennie Thompson – they are the most poverty stricken communities, but they continually vote and show this love relationship with her [Hillary].

Carter believes that young people, in particular, young Black men, are beginning to wake up to the political happenings in our country. When asked about the fate of current Members of Congress, Carter feels many of them will lose their positions eventually.

Over time, this thing we call a revolution, I believe that by 2018 regardless what happens to Senator Sanders, regardless of who ultimately becomes the President of the United States, I believe that people will stay awakened, and so many of these Congressional people will lose their seats because so many of them basically said I am going to stay here till I die because it is easy.

Carter hopes to share a message with the young Black men he meets: just because Hillary Clinton has a “D” in front of her name doesn’t mean she deserves their vote.

[They have] the chance to really turn the party inside out on any given election because they are never counted for, they don’t believe in the system, but they are [now] buying into the fact that they can screw the system, by getting registered and by voting, and not buy[ing] into the old regime that they understand has allowed them to become pawns for prisons.

For us at Black Men for Bernie, we got to do a better job as Black men where we have been absentee in the homes whether that be mass incarceration whether its lack of education whether it’s murdering ourselves we have to become more involved in restoring families so we are not ignorant to the things that are taking place and so hopefully we can change that hopefully every vote is earned based on your work. but especially in the black communities where we are often taunted and brought about when it’s time to vote, but at the end of four years we are in the same position or worse than when that person came in.

We have to look past a person’s party and I would rather try something new than do something that I know is not going to be good for me,” Carter explained. “It’s really insane to be indebted to something that owes you nothing and doesn’t care about you.

And Carter is taking that message to the ballot box this November:

For me I made up my mind in my district in Dallas, I will be supporting the Republican candidate [Charles Lingerfelt] that is going against Eddie Bernice Johnson” … “I’m going to show people why we should try something different.

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