Paul Ryan Flees Grieving Moms Trying To Show Him Photos Of Their Children Killed By His Open Borders Agenda

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JANESVILLE, WI– American mothers, whose children were killed by illegal aliens, say that House Speaker Paul Ryan and members of his security detail fled from his guarded estate on Saturday as they attempted to present Ryan with the photos of their murdered children, and show him the true cost of his open borders agenda.

On Saturday, four “angel moms” held a press conference in front of Ryan’s personal border wall. The mothers explained that they deserved to be able to give heir children the same security that Ryan gives his children.

During the press event, the mothers announced their decision to endorse Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen in his effort to unseat Ryan in his August 9th primary election. Nehlen is running a campaign that is focused on securing the border and curbing immigration into the United States.

After discussing their families’ tragedies, the mother approached Ryan’s border wall and laid out banners featuring the photos of just some of the thousands of Americans who have been victimized as a result of the nation’s porous border.

“I saw Ryan on the back porch as the banners were being picked up and folded up,” said Tania Vojvodic, a volunteer with the campaign. “As I was walking with the mothers to the front, he entered into the back door of the house and slammed it. A few minutes later I saw him get into an SUV that departed with another behind it.”

“As the mothers and I started to walk up to Ryan’s house with the photos of their children, we saw Ryan and his security detail– only feet away from us– speed off in two black SUVs,” said Maria Espinoza, founder of the Remembrance Project, a group which represents families that have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime.

“He and his guards raced off just as the mothers were approaching with their childrens’ photos,” Espinoza added, “I can’t imagine how the mothers must have felt to see the House Speaker do that.”

“I wasn’t surprised, but I was hurt,” said angel mom, Laura Wilkerson, whose 18 year old son was tortured to death by an illegal alien.

We were there because we wanted Ryan to realize what’s happened to our kids and our families. I don’t understand it– Ryan didn’t have the time or courage to talk to four moms who had lost their kids? It would have taken him all of three minutes to come outside and say hello and say sorry and listen to our stories or hear the changes we’d like to see put in place to better secure our border. But I guess, at this point, this doesn’t surprise me coming from Ryan. He’s had 18 years to do something about it if he were really worried about immigration, and he has not. This won’t work anymore. It’s time to replace him with someone that will do something for American families.

During the press event, Ryan’s security team seemed to be concerned about the potential threat the grieving mothers posed to the perimeter of Ryan’s estate.

The security team appeared to have called for back up– during the press conference, the four SUVs guarding the front of Ryan’s home were joined by an additional three state police cars, and additional Capitol police officers. The two Capitol police officers approached the mothers on foot during the press conference, ostensibly in order to more closely monitor the threat the angel moms posed to Ryan, his estate, and his family.

The mothers explained that on the critical issue of immigration, Ryan stands opposed to the interests of the American people.

“Paul Ryan is personally responsible for the deaths, maimings, and sexual assaults of thousands of innocent Americans and lawful residents,” the mothers wrote in a letter to Speaker Ryan, which they left in front of his guarded estate.

Paul Ryan has never shown one millionth the passion in defense of our families as he has spent advocating for policies that would result in the deaths of more Americans… Paul Ryan has used his  his positions of power—as a Republican Party leader, as a budget leader, as Speaker of the House, and as an intimate of large corporations with unlimited resources—to ignore and even undermine American interests. If Ryan’s considerable powers had been marshaled, in any serious degree, towards advocating for our families, demanding change for our families, or insisting upon justice for our families, then so many more families just like us would have been saved.

Paul Nehlen says Ryan is the “most open borders… member of Congress in either party.”

“Paul Ryan has ignored our Angel Moms and Dads for far too long,” Nehlen said during Saturday’s press conference. “We are here today to say, ‘Not One More.’ We will not tolerate one more death of an innocent American because Paul Ryan wants to satisfy his donors. We will not let one more family be torn apart by open borders.”

Nehlen has said that while Ryan protects his family and his home with a border fence, he has failed to provide the American people with these same protections. “Paul Ryan shields himself and his family from the open borders policies that he has spent decades imposing upon the American people,” Nehlen has said.

“Paul Ryan’s home… has a fence,” said angel mom, Julie Golvach, during the press conference.

He has security. He has everything to make sure that his three children are safe. I deserve the same thing, I deserved the same thing, and so do all of you… I deserved to have [my son] at the end of my life siting next to me. And Paul Ryan and other politicians that don’t think a border is worth it, this is the cost and I hope they don’t have the same loss that I have because I hope they will change their minds and start securing the border.

In their letter to Speaker Ryan, the mothers write that Ryan’s radical position on these issues make him “disqualified from serving in Congress or any other position of public office that is supposed to represent the American people.”


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