Charles Koch: Saying I’m Helping Hillary Is ‘Blood Libel’


Charles Koch calls criticism of his indifference to the fight between nationalism and globalism a “blood libel.”

From The Hill:

COLORADO SPRINGS – Billionaire Charles Koch rejected in the most forceful terms possible the rumors that he’s considering lending his support to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I want to correct a rumor that the media keeps stimulating, and that is that I am probably going to support Hillary.

“That is a blood libel,” Koch said on Sunday afternoon.

A blood libel refers to a centuries-old false allegation “that Jews murder Christians – especially Christian children – to use their blood for ritual purposes,” according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Koch, who together with his billionaire brother David helms the most powerful donor network in conservative politics, laid out in more detail his rationale for refusing to support either Donald Trump or Clinton in the general election.

He did so before an audience of some 400 donors here at the Kochs’ summer donor retreat in a luxury resort at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

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