Clinton Campaign Spending more than Double Trump’s in July

Supporters hold up signs during a campaign rally of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Fredericksburg Expo Center August 20, 2016 in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton raised more money and spent more than double what Donald Trump did in the month of July.

Clinton raised $52 million in July and spent $38 million, while Trump raised $37 million and spent $18.5 million.

Although the Republican nominee spent less than half of what Clinton did last month, the Guardian reports that he has doubled his campaign spending.

Trump spent more money in July on online fundraising and paid $8.4 million to Giles-Pascale, a marketing firm, whose president serves as the digital director for the Trump campaign, Brad Parscale.

The campaign also paid $20,000 to his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s consulting firm.

The Guardian reports, “Though the financial documents show little sign that Trump has opened offices around swing states, Trump did show some signs of scaling up for the general election.”

The report continues:

He paid $100,000 to Cambridge Analytics, a data analysis firm that formerly worked for Senator Ted Cruz and has ties to Robert Mercer, a hedge fund billionaire who supports Trump. He also paid his Alabama state director, Chess Bedsole, $64,000, three times his last payment, in December, even though Alabama has voted Republican for decades.

The campaign paid about $2m for private jets and $500,000 to pay for expenses on Trump’s personal plane. Last month, Trump paid more than $773,000 to companies he owns; since the beginning of the race, his campaign has paid more than $7.5m to Trump companies or those owned by family members. In all, his campaign spent $18.5m in July, including $1.8m on hats and merchandise.

Clinton’s campaign is opening new offices, and spent most of her $38 million on advertising.


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