Massive ‘Black Dads Matter’ Mural Appears in Highland Park


A large mural in a Michigan neighborhood that once read “Black Lives Matter” has been altered to read “Black Dads Matter.”

“The message is cogent to today right now especially this particular area because there are not a lot of black dads who are actually being fathers,” one person said according to Fox2.

“Their dads are black but they’re not around. So as far as black dads matter, not in their case,” said Stacey Calwise of her 8 and 4-year-old children.

The Black Lives Matter catchphrase began to appear online after George Zimmerman shot and killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin 2012. Since Martin’s death, the phrase has gained prominence nationally –heavily supported by celebrities and even President Obama — in the wake of various high-profile police-involved shootings of black men.

Residents of the apartment building where the “Black Dads Matter” slogan appeared says the sign has been there for about to weeks.

“As long as black lives are not as valuable as white lives, then we must continue to say ‘Black Lives Matter,'” said pastor and activist Rev. David Bullock.

Invoking the Republican presidential nominee, Bullock said, “In America, we all have a point. Donald Trump has a point. But making a point doesn’t mean you’re pointing to the truth and sometimes you can make a point and lead people astray. Let’s keep the main thing the main thing: We want all lives to matter equally.”

The artist responsible for the mural has elected to avoid the local media.

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