Florida Bar Allows Patrons to Urinate on Colin Kaepernick Jersey Decals


A Florida bar owner is making a statement with Colin Kaepernick decals he put on the urinals in the bathroom, allowing patrons to urinate on them.

Bill Alcock, owner of the Winners Circle Sportsbar & Grill in Lakeland, put little decals of Colin Kaepernick’s NFL jersey–reading “Kaeperdick,” instead of “Kaepernick”–on the urinals in the bathroom at his bar, WFLA reported.

Alcock told WFLA that when Kaepernick decided not to salute the flag, it touched a nerve with him: “When the whole Colin Kaepernick thing came about, him not standing for the national anthem, I was kind of offended by it. My dad was a Marine. I just thought it was very, very disrespectful.”

According to a sign hanging on the establishment’s front door, the bar is known for being politically incorrect.

“This bar is politically incorrect. We say Merry Christmas, God Bless. We salute the flag and things like that,” Alcock said.

Customers reacted to the decals in various ways.

“I laughed, just like most people laughed,” customer Mike Lee said to WFLA. “I thought it was a pretty funny idea. If you don’t like it, there are several other stalls that you can choose from so you know. Don’t pee on it.”

One customer on Facebook disagreed, saying that Kaepernick should not be called names for standing up for his beliefs.

Alcock believes he is within his First Amendment right to protest Kaepernick, and he hopes others have the opportunity to do the same.

“I do believe in freedom of speech and everything like that, but it’s just a little message that you not disrespect the flag, and don’t disrespect our military. That’s what I think it is. This gives you a little chance to disrespect his jersey, a target of sorts,” he said.


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