Stevie Wonder Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To Hillary Clinton

Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday Hillary

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, music star Stevie Wonder endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, and sang her a rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Stevie Wonder wore a jacket that said “1st ♀ president” during the interview and said that Hillary Clinton was someone he had “such great love and respect for, for years.”

“I think that truth be it told, I think as men, we have had our chance to work it out. It’s time to let a woman do it,” he said.

Wonder said during the interview that he had nine children, five who were old enough to vote and said he would support Hillary Clinton.

“Contrary to what people are saying, you can’t go what by what people say, but by their spirit,” he said, citing her record of service for Americans.

Wonder criticized the divisiveness and fear that pervaded throughout society during the election.

“We can’t live in a place of fear. Fear is what puts dreams to sleep,” he said.

Wonder specifically referred to Trump’s call for more law and order.

“Law and order comes from respect for one another,” he said.


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