Bill Clinton Attacks Melania Trump: Felt ‘Bad’ for Her

Melania Trump, Bill Clinton Getty:AP

Former president Bill Clinton launched an attack on potential first lady Melania Trump following Mrs. Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania.

“I never felt so bad for anybody in my life as I did for his wife going out giving a speech saying, ‘Oh, cyber bullying was a terrible thing,’” Bill Clinton said in a campaign stop in Colorado.

“I thought, ‘Yeah, especially if it’s done at three o’clock in the morning against a former Miss Universe by a guy running for president, “the former president said to laughter.

Bill Clinton’s attack mirrors other attacks on Melania Trump from Democrats and the media, including the assertion that her speech at the Republican convention in Cleveland too closely mirrored a Michelle Obama speech.

Donald Trump made light of the “abuse” Melania took when he lightly roasted her at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City.

Melania Trump’s address in Pennsylvania Thursday represented a landmark moment in her role on the campaign.

“I will also work hard to improve everyday life for women,” Mrs. Trump said in her speech.

“The women in America are incredible. They’re strong, intelligent, generous, committed, determined. With opportunity, women will advance and achieve. But some women have been left behind. I see that,” Trump stated.

“We cannot call ourselves a fully developed or advanced nation when 50 percent of our women live in poverty, when 60 million are without health insurance, when too many are choosing between basic needs like rent, food, and health care.”

“This cannot be,” Trump stated.

“We cannot afford to have more of the same. We must break with the failures of the past and embrace a future that is worthy of this great nation and her beautiful people.”

“We must win on November 8th, and we must come together as Americans,” Trump vowed.


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