WSJ: Trump Ends Campaign with ‘Overtly Nationalist Message’


Beth Reinhard writes in The Wall Street Journal that Republican nominee Donald Trump ended his campaign Monday night in Michigan with the same “overtly nationalist message” that he started it with 19 months ago in New York City.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Donald Trump ended his presidential bid Monday the same way he started it nearly 19 months ago: with an overtly nationalist message and the swagger of a New York City billionaire.

In a cross-country spree that touched down in five swing states and extended into early Tuesday morning, the Republican nominee largely reprised the themes from his unorthodox June 2015 announcement speech.

He vowed to bring back jobs shipped overseas, bashed free trade deals, and promised to “build that wall” along the southern U.S. border with Mexico. Those appeals helped him build a political base dominated by white, working-class voters who felt left behind by a rapidly changing economy.

“We’re not going to lose your jobs anymore,” he told a cheering crowd of thousands in this state, where the auto industry teetered on the verge of collapse before a government bailout began in 2008.

In his announcement speech, Mr. Trump singled out Ford Motor Co. for moving jobs overseas and said that if that happened when he was president, he would “call up” the company president and mete out a 35% tariff on exports to the U.S. He made the same promise at the Michigan rally early Tuesday morning.

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