Coulter: Priebus, Bannon Hires ‘Brilliant’

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Appearing on the Howie Carr radio show, conservative author Ann Coulter praised the recently announced additions of Reince Priebus and Stephen K. Bannon to President-elect Donald Trump’s upcoming White House staff.

During his Monday, November 14 broadcast, Boston-based radio talker Howie Carr asked the firebrand In Trump We Trust author what she thought of the recent decision to put on his staff both current GOP chairman Reince Priebus and the man the media seems to fear most, Stephen Bannon.

“I think it’s quite brilliant,” Coulter said. “I’m very impressed with Trump and this decision.”

She continued noting that the chief of staff job was likely not very appealing to Bannon. “A lot of what the chief of staff does,” Coulter said, “is administrative stuff. He has to make sure the lights are working, everybody gets an office space assigned, the secretaries are working with the right [person]… there’s a lot of the administrative stuff that frankly we don’t want Steve Bannon wasting his time on.”

“Steve Bannon will be the ideas guy and Reince Priebus will be the official representative and he can go on the Sunday morning shows and he can make sure the heat’s on,” Coulter insisted.

For his part, Carr thought that a “co-counsel” was not a good idea. But Coulter didn’t read it that way.

I don’t know the details, but it seems to me the roles [of Bannon and Priebus] are fairly distinct. One is the administrative guy, the organization man, and the other one is the ideas guy. Basically the way its seems to have worked during the campaign and that seems to work pretty well… Bannon is definitely the idea man.

Coulter also noted that the way the left is importing millions of illegals to vote in our elections, should this election have happened four years from now, Trump’s concerns about illegal immigration would have meant a sure electoral loss.

In a discussion on what Trump may or may not do about federal abortion laws, Coulter praised the basic building blocks of our nation by noting that the brilliance of America is that we can decide on a local level how we want to craft our society.

This is why we have democracy, this is part of the beauty of our federalist society. The beauty part of federalism is people can design the kind of place they would like to live in. If you consider it intolerable to live in a state — there probably won’t be too many, Kansas, Mississippi — that, by and large, largely prohibits abortion except in the case of life of the mother, which has always been the case. OK, don’t live in that state. There are probably a lot of laws you’re not going to like in a state like that. You don’t have to up and move to another country, you don’t have to found your own country, or start seasteading or something. That’s the beauty of democracy, there are a lot of laws you may not like, but the more you can break it down to the smaller unit, whether it’s local government or state government, the more likely you are to be happy with that complement of laws.

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