Pence Reaffirms Trump Commitments, Including to Repeal and Replace Obamacare, at Republican Governors Conference

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Vice President-elect Mike Pence reaffirmed President-elect Donald J. Trump’s commitments today at a conference of the Republican Governor’s Association, where he spoke about Obamacare, national infrastructure, education, the border, and immigration policy.

The Trump Presidential Transition Team released the following Monday evening statement regarding the meeting:

Vice President-elect Mike Pence today met with two-dozen Republican Governors and Governors-elect during a Governors’ meeting at the Republican Governors Association Annual Conference. During the meeting the Vice President-elect reiterated President-elect Donald J. Trump’s strong commitment to repeal and replace Obamacare and block grant Medicaid funding to state governments to encourage innovation that better delivers healthcare to eligible residents. They also discussed the President-elect’s plans to improve the nation’s infrastructure, provide greater state flexibility in education, secure our borders and pass meaningful immigration reform.

The Republican Governors applauded the Trump Administration’s plans to partner with states and remove burdensome regulations that stunt job growth. They also encouraged the administration to partner with state executives on many of the other issues facing our country. The meeting concluded with the Vice President-elect asking the governors to reach out directly to him as together they work on important issues impacting their states and our nation.

The commitment from Pence that a Trump presidential administration will follow through on campaign promises comes as some have suggested that Trump could soften on those promises.

During a Sunday night 60 Minutes interview Trump suggested his administration would attempt to keep certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act such as coverage of pre-existing conditions and adult children remaining on their parents’ insurance. Trump did suggested that these items increase cost, but that an effort would be made to retain them in light of repealing and replacing current President Barack Obama’s signature health insurance law. Forbes wrote out a portion of the transcript from that interview. When interviewer Leslie Stahl asked about a lag between repealing and replacing, Trump simply said that the two will be done simultaneously and no lag would occur.

One of Trump’s signature campaign promises was to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and enforce U.S. immigration law. Since Trump’s election, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto, who met with Trump before the election, congratulated the President-elect and the two agreed to meet during the U.S. presidential transition period.

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