Thanksgiving: Leftists Encourage Nasty, Vindictive Family Dinners

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 19: Alexis Trainer, 16, wears an anti-Trump and Bernie 2016 pin while joining more than a thousand protesters demonstrating against President-elect Donald Trump at Thomas Paine Plaza November 19, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today marks the 11th consecutive day of anti-Trump protests in Philadelphia, with plans …

Resentful liberals across the country are thankful that Thanksgiving is an opportunity to insult relatives who may have voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

A slew of liberals in the news and entertainment world offer guides for like-minded lefties on what to do when forced to break bread with their supposedly “racist,” “bigoted,” and “misogynistic” relatives.

Gothamist‘s Scott Heins, for instance, told his readers he loathed his dad’s “bigotry and misogyny” and claimed his construction-worker father voted Trump because he was excited by the candidate’s “white nationalism.” Heins also seemed to consider Thanksgiving dinner as little else but drudgery that he was obligated to suffer. He proclaimed it his “progressive duty” to hector his family back home in rural Minnesota about how Hillary Clinton would have been better, and that Trump is a racist, and that liberal policies are the only thing that can save the country.

He sounds considerate.

Speaking of “considerate,” leftist comedienne Samantha Bee made a list of ways bedraggled liberals could get even with their bigoted Republican relatives on Thanksgiving. The TV host lamented that liberals are forced to share a Thanksgiving meal with voters who put a “thin-skinned lunatic who may or may not be able to read” into the White House, but she has the cure for that disease.

Among her suggestions, Bee insisted that when a Republican relative starts the meal with a prayer, liberal family members should “take a knee” in emulation of the anti-American protests of NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

If that doesn’t work, Hillary fans can try drug abuse. “Accelerate the peaceful effects of tryptophan by pairing your turkey with five Xanax,” she wrote.

Then Bee apparently insisted that murdering a Republican relative is also an option: “Calmly and reasonably explain to your uncle why Donald Trump was the wrong choice for president while your uncle quietly bleeds to death on the floor, the carving knife protruding from his chest.”

For Mother Jones, leftist Kevin Drum also had a few pointers on how to talk to your “crazy right-wing relatives.”

Drum decided that the best way to discuss politics with “your Fox-watching aunts and uncles” is to actually sit down and watch Fox, listen to talk radio, and learn about what conservatives actually think! But, after making the suggestion, Drum admitted that such an effort would all be too hard for him, so he hoped someone else would “do the country a public service.”

Finally, Ron Reagan, Jr., warned an MSNBC audience that liberals should avoid going to relatives’ homes if those relatives live in a state with concealed carry. Apparently Reagan assumes that Trump supporters will simply shoot liberal relatives who voted for Hillary.

But the one bit of advice that seemed o appear most often among the lists of the left’s suggestions for Thanksgiving was to just skip it and stay home safe in their liberal, big city enclaves.

“Consider canceling your plans,” Yahoo News wrote. insisted that “some millennials, particularly the more liberal ones, are choosing to opt out of the festivities this year — their wounds too fresh.” And for WBUR psychologist Dr. Patricia Harney noted that many of her patients are looking to “change plans to avoid the emotional challenges and potential conflicts.”

In contrast, the New York Times and other media outlets were unable to find Trump supporters who are eager to ruin the family Thanksgivings with curdled politics.

On the day after the election, Ms. [Nancy] Sundin asked her brother, a firefighter who voted for Mr. Trump, to stop texting her. “I told him I was trying to explain to my children ‘why hate wins,’” she said. “His response back was, ‘I get to explain to my children why their opinion matters.’” She has not talked to him since. “I think I’ll give that one some time,” she said.

Ms. Sundin and her mother recently talked. They met for coffee in a Target, as is their habit. Still, Ms. Sundin has decided to spend Thanksgiving with a few friends and her husband and children, not with her extended family. Her mother is taking it in stride.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said. “I love her to pieces. I don’t want to change anything with my Nancy. I want her to be just the way she is.”

Happy Thanksgiving.

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