Catherine Chew: Why I Supported Trump as an Educated Woman


Dr. Catherine Chew, former president of North Carolina’s Craven Community College, “comes out” as a Trump supporter to fight the elitist media perception of his voters.

From the Charlotte Observer:

I was a “closet” Donald Trump supporter and I’ve decided to come out. I am a professional woman, educated and hold a university terminal degree. I am a former community college president. I am not racist nor am I xenophobic. I have a multicultural son conceived with an Iranian Muslim former husband.

Since the tsunami election occurred, pundits, journalists and pollsters have obsessively given credence to the voting bloc of male, working-class individuals from rural areas as being the cause for Trump’s successful campaign. They have consistently showcased an elitist attitude about Trump supporters.

Many predicted that Trump’s campaign was doomed because it could not attract enough women or minorities. But reports suggest Trump captured about 42 percent of women voters, including white, college-educated, middle-class and wealthy suburban women.

Writing this op-ed was important because I believed it might help others (including 95 percent of my friends, family and colleagues) who are so distraught by the outcome to understand the rationale of a college-educated woman who “quietly” cast a vote in favor of a Trump presidency. Let me explain.

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