Planned Parenthood Defends Pelosi’s ‘Fierce Leadership’ for Abortion

Pelosi and Richards
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Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has reaffirmed its staunch support for newly re-elected House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, praising her for her “fierce leadership” in reproductive rights.

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood president and Pelosi’s former deputy chief of staff, underscored Pelosi’s unflagging support for the abortion industry while congratulating her on her reelection Wednesday.

The abortion lobby seems to be the only portion of the Left still enthusiastic about Pelosi’s hold on congressional power. A sour article in the New York Times Tuesday described the minority leader as “a symbol of what went wrong” with the Democratic Party.

As a wealthy San Francisco septuagenarian, Pelosi has become a lightning rod in a Party that “failed to offer a compelling, broad-based economic message to the working-class voters in the Midwest and South,” the Times reported.

“If you were a big company and you were posting loss after loss after loss, the head of that company is not going to stay around too long,” said Pelosi’s fellow Democratic Representative Kathleen Rice of New York.

As a pro-abortion Catholic, Pelosi has repeatedly come under fire for her voting record—including her opposition to the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003—and her long-term alliance with Planned Parenthood.

On receiving Planned Parenthood’s highest honor—the Margaret Sanger Award—in January, 2015, Ms. Pelosi said that she knew “more about having babies than the pope,” while affirming that a woman has “the right” to an abortion.

She went on to call pro-lifers “dumb,” “closed-minded” and “oblivious.”

In last month’s Presidential elections, however, Catholics voted for Donald Trump by a greater margin than for any other Republican candidate in the five elections of the new millennium, after a number of bishops reminded Catholics of the importance of voting for pro-life candidates.

Before the elections, Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas called Tim Kaine a “cafeteria Catholic” and questioned why he claimed to be “personally pro-life” while affirming his support of Roe v. Wade and consistently voting to keep abortion-on-demand legal.

Similarly, Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila told Catholics that life issues—and especially opposition to abortion—had to take absolute precedence in deciding whom to vote for in November’s elections.

“Catholics in good conscience cannot support candidates who will advance abortion,” he wrote in the diocesan newspaper, The Denver Catholic.

Another bishop, William Murphy of Rockville Centre in Long Island, told Catholics that being pro-abortion “should disqualify any and every such candidate from receiving our vote.”

Pelosi’s iron grip on her position in Congress may will her plaudits from her friends in big abortion, but it spells continued problems for a Party that has shown itself to be out of touch with Main Street, USA.

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