Eric Bolling: Scrap RyanCare, Start Over with These Five Ideas

Drew Angerer / Staff / Getty Images

Fox News host Eric Bolling says the House GOP healthcare plan proposed by Speaker Paul Ryan to replace the Affordable Care Act is “at best ObamaCare Lite.” In his opinion piece published Tuesday, Bolling urges President Trump to dump the bill and presents five ideas for a fresh start for Republicans.

From Fox News:

Speaker Paul Ryan and the establishment GOP have pulled a fast one on President Trump. Ryan and the GOP leadership promised a replacement to ObamaCare that conservatives would be proud to back. Every single member of the GOP ran successfully on repealing ObamaCare. They even all voted for full repeal in 2015.

It’s time for President Trump to scrap the GOP health care bill. Send Paul Ryan and Secretary Price back to the drawing board and come up with a free market solution.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Drop the state line restriction. Allow insurers to compete nationally.

2. Tort reform: Medical malpractice insurance is crushing doctors. Reform settlements and judgments now.

3. Allow group providers to negotiate drug prices.

4. Require doctors, hospitals and insurers to post costs of procedures online. Allow the consumer to shop around.

5. Allow associations to provide medical insurance. Imagine if the NRA or the Sierra Club or AAA were allowed to provide health insurance which is decoupled from ones work. Massive groups such as these would have quite a lot of leverage to negotiate prices with medical providers.

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