Koch Network Says It Will Defend Republicans Who Vote Against AHCA


The network of donors and organizations led by Charles and David Koch have reportedly promised to defend Republicans who do not support the Obamacare replacement plan put forth by the GOP.

The network plans to set aside millions of dollars to fund GOP lawmakers’ campaigns if they do not support the American Health Care Act (AHCA), Politico reported.

The groups Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners are planning to work together to create a “seven-figure” fund that will protect lawmakers who vote against the healthcare bill.

Politico reports that the money will go toward paid media, direct mail, and grassroots canvassing.

The executive vice president of Freedom Partners, James Davis, said the GOP replacement plan does not fully repeal Obamacare as Republicans have promised.

“We will stand with lawmakers who keep their promise and oppose this legislation — and work toward a solution that reduces costs and provides Americans with the relief they need and deserve,” Davis said.

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips said that the group has always advocated for a “full repeal” of Obamacare.

“We want to make certain that lawmakers understand the policy consequences of voting for a law that keeps Obamacare intact,” Phillips told CNN Thursday. “We have a history of following up and holding politicians accountable, but we will also be there to support and thank the champions who stand strong and keep their promise.”

Members of the House Freedom Caucus left a White House meeting Thursday without reaching an agreement to back the AHCA.


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