Gun-Controlled Chicago: Two Brothers Shot Dead in Front of Their Mother

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 Chicago Mother Sons Dead

On Thursday a mother was looking out the window of the Nadia Fish and Chicken restaurant when a gunman opened fire, killing both her sons.

The two brothers–19-year-old Raheem Jackson and 20-year-old Dillon Jackson–were among four killed in the shooting.

According the Chicago Tribune, the incident occurred just before 4:00 p.m. and the two Jackson brothers “had gone to the restaurant to get food and see their mother.” Dillon’s body lay outside the restaurant once the shooting stopped. Raheem’s body lay slumped against a tree.

The Jackson’s’ mother–still in her apron from being on shift at the restaurant–was in anguish. She said, “I can’t go on, my life is over. I’m about to goddamn kill myself. I was standing right here in the window, they killed ’em right in front of me.” She then waded through standing water in a nursing home parking lot in order to get into a position where she was equidistant from the bodies of her two sons.

She said, “I gotta stand with ’em both. I can’t leave. I gotta stay with both my sons ’til they get ’em up.”

Breitbart News reported that gun-controlled Chicago ended 2016 with nearly 4,400 shootings and almost 800 homicides. If fact, the city’s gun crime for 2016 was so high it skewed national numbers for America’s 30 largest cities. The Washington Post reported that the Brennan Center of Justice expected “the homicide rate for the country’s 30 biggest cities… to go up by 14 percent [in 2016]” and “an astounding 43.7 percent of this overall increase” was the result of Chicago alone.

Yet as high as the gun crime figures were for 2016, the city witnessed over 500 shootings and 103 homicides from January 1 to February 27, 2017, alone. That represents 37 more homicides than for the same period on 2016 and two more homicides.

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