AdWeek Names Breitbart’s Boyle to List of Top 15 Political Power Players

Trump, Boyle, Oval-White House Photo
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Matthew Boyle, the Breitbart News Washington, DC, editor has made AdWeek’s list of political power players keeping media real in the age of fake news.

From AdWeek:

Asked what one word best describes Breitbart’s tenacious political coverage, the site’s political editor echoes none other than Dan Rather. “Courageous,” says Matthew Boyle, who joined Breitbart in 2012 from The Daily Caller. Of Boyle’s work ethos, Breitbart editor in chief Alex Marlow has said he “typifies the ‘fighting spirit’ we value.”

In August, Boyle called out the media on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show for “100 percent using” fallen Muslim-American solider U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan and his family “for their political goals.” “We don’t take orders from anyone except ourselves on what we think we should be focused on,” says Boyle, who worked closely with former Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon, now Trump’s chief strategist. “Steve is a friend and my old boss, and I’ve learned so much from him,” Boyle notes. “He’s an incredibly smart person and I talk to him on occasion, as any good journalist would do, trying to get information out of newsworthy sources.” Boyle says he plans to be in the business “for a long time” for one simple reason: “Someone has to do the tough work, and the amazing team we have at Breitbart is stepping up in a fantastic way to fill the void left behind by the receding relevancy of waning established legacy operations. It’s an exciting time to be in journalism, and I’m not even 30 years old yet.” –Chris Ariens

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