Donald Trump Welcomes ‘Very Honorable People’ of the White House Media

trump-first responders-Andrew HarnickAP
Andrew Harnick/AP

At the White House on Thursday, President Donald Trump met with the first responders to the I-85 bridge collapse.

The president asked the group of 14 uniformed fire and police chiefs to introduce themselves to the White House media press pool.

“You know these folks back here, they’re very famous, most of them, it’s called the media,” he said, as the group laughed.

“They’re very honorable people,” Trump added, as the camera shutters clicked. “But you are more honorable, I can tell you that.”

Trump thanked the first responders for their efforts, and vowed to improve the country’s infrastructure.

“Your skill and courage saved many lives, represented true strength and the true strength of America,” he said. “Really great job fellas, great job.”

The president leaves this afternoon for Easter weekend at Mar-a-lago estate in Florida.


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