Mike Huckabee Twitter Rant: ‘Rather Have Obama Back as President’ than Comcast

Comcast-Huckabee AP Photos

Mike Huckabee vented his frustration with Comcast’s customer service in a series of tweets on his Twitter account Monday.

First, he wrote on Twitter that Comcast was like United Airlines in terms of customer service.

Then, he vented about the excessive amount of time he had to wait for Comcast to show up after he said the company reportedly missed an appointment to fix a problem it caused.

Huckabee then wrote that a certain crime organization had better service than Comcast.

Huckabee got so desperate that he wrote that he would rather have former President Barack Obama as president again than have Comcast.

His entire rant elicited a lot of laughs from the Twitter community, with one user saying in reply to Huckabee that his tweet about Obama was “honestly the funniest thing you have ever tweeted.”

Comcast customer service responded to his fourth tweet about Obama and asked the former governor to send a direct message to the Comcast Twitter account with his Comcast account number.

Huckabee has not posted any updates on Twitter on whether Comcast actually fixed his service or not.


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