Concealed Carry Instructor Has Firearm Classes for Church Members, Incorporates Scripture

Gun Class

Concealed carry instructor Roy Jones teaches church members across Oklahoma the ins-and-outs of gun safety and usage while weaving in scripture, like Psalm 144:1, which says: “Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.”

Jones estimates he has taught over 5,000 people across Oklahoma.

According to Fox News, the course Jones teaches “takes eight hours and includes lectures that cover handling a weapon, Oklahoma laws regarding gun ownership, and shooting in self-defense.” The course also includes “practice at the instructor’s private range and a 15-question exam.”

When asked about the often-state Christian maxim of turning the other cheek, Jones intimated that Christians are called to turn the other cheek if attacked while preaching the gospel. However,  a Christian is not called to turn the other cheek when their loved ones’ lives are in jeopardy or even when their own lives are exposed to peril via a home invader, public attacker, or murderer. In that situation, a Christian’s duty is to fight to defend life.

Jones put it this way: “We will turn the other cheek. I’m the least likely guy to pull out a gun in a fight. But we will not turn the other cheek if you’re going to assault my family or cut off my head in the process.”

He points to two examples from Oklahoma, one in which a woman was mauled to death by two dogs and another in which a woman was stabbed to death at work by a former employee. He asked, “[What] if they’d had a legal gun and been trained to use it?”  And referencing the woman who was stabbed, Jones said, “Can you imagine what went through her mind the last few minutes of her life?”

Jones wants Christians to understand that defenseless is not a virtue.

In the understatement of the decade, the “About” section on the RoyJonesConcealedCarry Facebook page says, “Roy offers concealed carry handgun certification classes. These classes are not your typical gun class.”

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