Graphic Video: Naked Chicago Man with Self-Inflicted Penis Wound Rushes at Police

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Naked Chicago Man with Self-Inflicted Penis Wound Rushes Police

A naked Chicago man, bleeding from his penis, charged toward police officers who subdued him with tasers, according to the video footage of the incident.

Police responded to a call Monday at Grace Street and Drake Avenue to find a naked man yelling incoherently, the New York Post reported.

The video, which blurs the man’s crotch area, shows him charging at a female police officer.

“Get outta here, b—h!” he screams at the officer.

The person who recorded the video shouted at the officers responding to the scene that they should open fire to subdue him.

“Oh my God, bro! Shoot his ass! Shoot that motherf–ker!” the cameraman shouts. “This is a time when you shoot people!”

The officer, who warned him to stop, fired her taser at him and sent him reeling towards the ground.

“Officers attempted to calm the individual with negative results and were ultimately forced to deploy tasers and dry stun techniques to secure the man,” police told the Post in a statement.

Police said he was transported to Swedish Covenant Hospital for a mental evaluation. Authorities say his injuries are “minor.”

The Daily Mail reports that it is not entirely clear whether police arrested the man.

The man who recorded the footage said that the man vandalized a few parked cars and taunted those who witnessed him in the act near an elementary school.

Another witness said he was rolling around in the street fully clothed.

“People were around him and he started cussing them out and pushing them,” Eriz Gonzalez said. “They left, and he stripped … ass naked in the middle of the street.”


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