Former Aston Villa Player Killed by Police Taser

LONDON (Reuters) – Tributes poured in for former English premier league striker Dalian Atkinson on Monday after he died when police fired a high-voltage Taser stun-gun at him during an incident in his home town. West Mercia police said officers

Dalian 2

Mini-Me Captures Video of Man Getting Tased at LAX

A security incident at Los Angeles International Airport caught the attention of former Austin Powers cast member Verne Troyer Wednesday, who went out of his way to catch up to a man who ran after refusing to cooperate with TSA agents.


400 Children Threatened With Tasers By Police

Around 400 British children a year are been threatened with tasers by the Police, according to the BBC. The figures show the number of under-18s who have had the firearms drawn and pointed at them in 2013. The Freedom of