Morning Joe Begs WH Chief Kelly to ‘Sideline’ Nationalist Bannon for Encouraging Trump to Attack Opposition Media


There he goes again.

Morning Joe co-host and fake rock star Joe Scarborough begged new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Monday to “sideline” White House Chief Strategist Steve K. Bannon because Bannon encourages Trump to attack the “fake news” media and support pro-nationalist policies.

Scaraborough was upset that Bannon referred to Scarborough’s elite pals in the media who think he is an actual rock star and has a cool haircut as “the enemy.” He was also apparently furious that Bannon was concerned about the Deep State even though nearly two-thirds of Americans, according to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, believe that there “exists campaign to delegitimize” Trump. Scarborough’s new friends at Harvard also found that a majority of Americans believe the “Deep State” is using leaks to “unseat” Trump.

“I hate to keep going back to one of my themes over the past six months, but it so important that Steve Bannon is sidelined. It’s so important that general Kelly sidelines Steve Bannon, who plays to Donald Trump’s worst instincts,” Scarborough told his fellow media elites on Monday.

Scarborough is also apparently upset that Bannon actually encourages Trump to attack and defeat Scarborough’s poor friends in the legacy media who have tried to undermine and delegitimize Trump since his historic victory, never giving Trump credit for doing what they all thought was more impossible than Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series home run on one leg off of all-world closer Dennis Eckersley. That, to Scarborough, is encouraging Trump’s “worst instincts.”


Scarborough wants to turn Trump into a version of himself, Jon Hunstman, John Hickenlooper, John Kasich or any other candidate who can only win Scarborough’s “No Labels/St. Albans” primary of 378 or so media elites and insufferable “thinkers” and “influencers” who mistake “sounding smart” for actual knowledge.

Of course, such a candidate would get clobbered in a general election, which is why Scarborough may want to sabotage Trump and convince him to embrace policies that Trump’s enemies in the “fake news” media support.

Scarborough always throws tantrums when Trump keeps his campaign promises. For instance, after Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, Scarborough almost lost his mind, repeatedly saying “President Bannon” on the air like a maniac even though Bannon has been described simply as Trump’s “soldier” who has always defended Trump—whether it was after Trump’s announcement when Trump attacked illegal immigrants from Mexico or after the release of Trump’s Access Hollywood tapes—when everyone else was running as far away from Trump as possible.


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