Suspected Carjacker Allegedly Asked Victim to Start the Car at Gunpoint

Suspected Carjacker Allegedly Asked Victim to Start the Car at Gunpoint

A suspected Atlanta carjacker allegedly forced his victim to start the car he was trying to steal so he could drive away in it, police said.

The incident took place Tuesday morning when the suspected carjacker asked a woman at a Shell gas station in Little Five Points if she had spare change, Fox 5 Atlanta reports.

Police said the woman told the suspect that she did not and attempted to get in her car when the man allegedly held a gun to her head telling her to leave the car.

“The suspect then demands her personal items such as her car keys and everything else,” said Detective Benjamin King of the Atlanta Police Department.

The woman, who appears to be dressed in a nurse’s uniform, dumped her belongings in the car before walking away, according to the video of the robbery released by police.

The robber, however, could not figure out how to work the push-button ignition that starts the car, so he pulled a gun on the victim once more to get her to start the car.

“The suspect then calls her back to the car by brandishing the gun and asks her how to start her own vehicle,” King said. “She gave instructions through the window on how to start the car and then he drove off.”

The Daily Mail reports that authorities were able to recover the stolen vehicle but not the woman’s iPhone, wallet, payment methods, and recently purchased items.

Police describe the suspect, who is still on the loose as of Wednesday evening, as a 5’7″ skinny, muscular black male weighing about 130 pounds with acne on his face. He appears to be between the ages of 18-25, wearing black pants, a red sleeveless shirt, and a black do-rag.


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