Loco! Projection! Ana Navarro Blasted for Insisting Trump Has Dementia

Ana Navarro

World-renowned physician and CNN “Republican” talker “Dr.” Ana Navarro was ridiculed for insisting that President Donald Trump has “dementia.” Navarro, who is obviously not a doctor, first made the charge on Tuesday evening after Trump’s Arizona campaign rally after CNN host Don Lemon nearly lost his mind and insisted that Trump actually wanted to cause a civil war.

She doubled down on Wednesday morning, saying she stood by her remarks because the only explanation for Trump’s “behavior” is a mental illness. CNN seems to have made a decision to aggressively call into question Trump’s mental health, with CNN host Brian Stelter using the opening part of his Reliable Sources show on Sunday to reveal that reporters have been questioning Trump’s mental health off the air.

Navarro was lampooned, with numerous people questioning Navarro’s mental health, saying her remark was the “textbook definition of projection.” She was also called “loco.” Others called Navarro out for saying Trump may have dementia when she is not a doctor.



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