WATCH: Alleged Would-Be Carjacker Clings to SUV That Drags Him Along the Road

An alleged would-be carjacker was so desperate to get access to the vehicle he allegedly attempted to steal that he let the SUV drag him along the road as he clung to the vehicle’s driver’s side door.

The Daily Mail reports that the incident took place in Kent, Washington.

The video shows the SUV dragging the man several hundred feet along a roadway as he hangs on to the SUV’s door for dear life.

The man refused to let go of the moving vehicle despite the driver’s determination to make sure he could not access the vehicle.

When the SUV’s driver hit the brakes, the man lets go of the vehicle briefly to pull up his shorts before once again attempting to take control of the vehicle.

Police told KIRO that the man in the video clinging to the SUV is wanted for several attempted carjackings in the area.

Authorities arrested the suspect, who allegedly punched other cars and broke door handles attempting to break into the vehicles.

The suspect was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries suffered during the incident.