Alabama Tea Party Activist Threatens ‘Revolt’ If GOP Removes Roy Moore or Disallows, Decertifies His Election Win

Ann Eubank at Women for Trump Event in Montgomey, AL 11/17/17
Jeff Poor / Breitbart News

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Friday at a rally on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol to show support for embattled GOP U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore, Ann Eubank, co-chair for the Rainy Day Patriots Tea Party group pledged to stage a revolt against the GOP if they stood in the way of Moore’s effort to become U.S. Senator.

Eubank told the crowd assembled at the Women for Moore event that she did not recognize the Moore described by those making the allegations against him and vouched for his character.

“I do not recognize the Roy Moore that these ladies are describing,” she said. “He has never been anything but respectful and polite to me or any other woman that I know. I’ve never heard a rumor or a whisper about Judge Moore and these kind of sexual activities. I have been in Montgomery for eight years, and believe me if it had been here, we would have heard it.”

“This is a he said-she said situation, some of which are 40 years old, that can never be proven or disproven in the amount of time we have before December 12,” she continued. “He has been tried and convicted by the mainstream media in the court of public opinion on just allegations. There is no concrete evidence or proof. The court of law is the proper place for these allegations to have gone, not to the media.”

Eubank said if at some point the state Republican Party decide to remove Moore from the ballot, or if they worked to disallow or decertify an election won by Moore, there would be a revolt, which she said would be “bad” for Republicans in next year’s statewide election.

“If allegations alone are reason enough to step down, then the halls of Congress should be empty,” Eubank said. “However, this is way bigger than Judge Roy Moore and sex allegations. We are on the precipice of disaster. This election puts the Senate balance at critical mass. A Democrat must not be seated. These accusers are not telling the truth. And if Roy Moore is defeated, Alabama is the victim. If a far-left liberal Democrat Doug Jones, America is the victim. Mitch McConnell and his scorched-earth policy in Alabama is destroying the Republican Party. Should our own Alabama Republican Party remove Judge Roy Moore, disallow or decertify this election without proof of a crime — Moore supporters and conservative voters all over this state will revolt, and it will be bad for the party in next year’s statewide elections.”

“If our people do this to one of our own, how will we ever unite and move forward?” she added. “This is, in my opinion, a usurpation by Mitch McConnell and the GOP of the 17th Amendment that gives voters the right to choose who we want in the Senate, not the government. If this works and Roy Moore is not elected and seated in the Senate, they will use this tactic all over the country to fight against conservatives.”

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