President Donald Trump: ‘We’re Very, Very Happy on this Thanksgiving Day’

President Donald Trump hands out sandwiches to members of the U.S. Coast Guard at the Lake
AP/Alex Brandon

President Donald Trump delivered a Thanksgiving message video to the American people, praising the new economic spirit filling the nation.

“We ask for God’s continued blessings on this magnificent land,” he said, pointing out the record high stock market and the 17-year-low for unemployment numbers.

“We’re very very happy on this Thanksgiving Day,” he said.

But the president also mourned the victims of hurricanes, wildfires, and the mass shootings that occurred in 2017.

“This year, in the face of painful hardships, we have seen the incredible strength of the American spirit,” he said. “Neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers, and citizens reaching out to those in need.”

He thanked God for the men and women of the military, the law enforcement community, first responders, firefighters, and paramedics who served their fellow citizens.

“The people of this nation come from all different backgrounds but we are all one people and one American family,” Trump said. “We all share the same heart, the same home and the same glorious destiny and we are all bound together by the common bonds of love, loyalty and affection that make our country into a wonderful home.”

Trump recalled the story of the pilgrims who held the first Thanksgiving, and how previous presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington urged all citizens to give thanks to God for the many blessings offered to Americans.

“Today we give thanks for all the pilgrims, pioneers and patriots that have gone before us and for all those warriors that have kept us safe and free,” Trump said.


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