**Live Updates** Alabama Senate Showdown: GOP Senators to Meet to Discuss Next Steps if Judge Moore Wins

Roy Moore, Doug Jones

All eyes are on Alabama tonight as Republican Judge Roy Moore faces off against pro-abortion Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate special election. Polls close at 7 p.m. CT (8 p.m. ET). Breitbart News’ Jeff Poor, an Auburn fan and Alabama native who knows the state’s politics as well as anyone, has a preview of what to look for tonight.

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WATCH LIVE: Breitbart News at Roy Moore’s Election Night HQ:

11:43 PM: Amnesty advocates praise Doug Jones for supporting DREAM Act:

11:30 PM: Moore campaign says military ballots are not in yet and talks about a potential recount.

Judge Moore takes the stage and says, “It’s not over. We still have to go by the rules.” He says that “God is always in control.”

11:20 PM: Barkley also slammed DC Dem. establishment for taking black voters for granted.

11:15 PM: Hannity blames McConnell:

11:10 PM: Trump points out “write-in votes played a very big factor.”

11:03 PM: One of the savviest people on Twitter:

11:00 PM: Doug Jones is overwhelmed on his 25th wedding anniversary. He thanks Angels fan Joe Trippi, Doug Turner, and campaign chairman Giles Perkins. He thanks the African-American community that delivered for him. He says “Happy Hanukkah” to all of his Jewish friends.

10:55 PM: Left-wingers praise Messrs. Romney, Flake:

10:50 PM: Booker, not robotic Gillibrand, may actually be the big winner this week among Dem. 2020 hopefuls:

10:40 PM: Former Arizona University sharpshooter and Trump critic Steve Kerr is happy.

10:35 PM: Joe Trippi elated:

10:30 PM:

10:25 PM: AP Calls Race for Doug Jones:

10:22 PM:

10:20 PM:

10:05 PM:

9:37 PM:

9:25 PM: Moore arrives at election night HQ:

9:20: Potential turnout problem for Moore if the NYT model’s estimates are correct.

9:10 PM:

9:00 PM: Moore has a slight early lead.

8:35 PM: Breitbart News Tonight getting ready for a special ‘Bama edition tonight!


8:30 PM: Bannon to speak at Roy Moore rally:


8:20 PM:

8:15 PM: Did Republicans who did not want to vote for Moore instead vote for Nick Saban to join his childhood friend from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, in the Senate? Miss Terry would would probably veto that, though, like she did when Saban wanted to coach the New York Giants.

8:00 PM: Polls are closed.


7:55 PM: Breitbart News cameras at Roy Moore’s election night event.

(Photo Credit: Luke Livingston)

7:40 PM: Clinton campaign’s Robby Mook says exit polls have “broken many hearts in the past.”

7:10 PM: Senate Republicans have scheduled a Wednesday morning meeting to discuss what to do next if Moore wins tonight.

7:05 PM: Exit Polls Should Be Taken with Grain of Salt.

Some early exit polls are out, and they have found that Trump’s approval rating at 48%.

A majority believe that abortion–the issue that could well decide the election–should be illegal in most cases.

NBC News reports that 60 percent of voters made up their minds before November. The sexual misconduct allegations against Moore surfaced on November 9.

According to CNN’s exit polling, “four in 10 voters say the allegations were an important factor in their vote, while a majority says they were not an important factor. Still, fewer than 1 in 10 said the allegations were the most important factor in their vote on Tuesday. One in 3 voters said the allegations weren’t a factor at all. Almost 9 in 10 supporters of Jones say they believe the allegations against Moore are true, while 9 in 10 Moore voters say they are false.”

7:03 PM: Jones outspent Moore six-to-one on television.

7:01 PM: Moore rides horse to polling booth, posts Trump robocall:


7:00 PM: Moore campaign bans the Washington Post.


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