White House: DACA Deal Is Not Amnesty

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The White House claims that the DACA deal being pursued by members of Congress is not amnesty.

Breitbart News questioned White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about the issue during the White House Press Breifing on Tuesday.

Exchange below:

BREITBART NEWS: Thank you, Sarah. A lot of immigration critics believe that a DACA deal, by its very nature, is considered to be amnesty. Does the White House believe that that is amnesty?

SANDERS: No. And we believe that this is an important part of the process and, again, one that we’re committed to finding a solution for.

Immigration hawks believe that legalization or a path to citizenship for DACA recipients — illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children — is amnesty.

A Congressional DACA agreement has yet to take shape, but the president spoke with a group of about two dozen Republicans and Democrats to discuss a possible deal.

Trump said he would be willing to sign an agreement, even if it contained elements that he disagreed with.

After the meeting, Sanders said that everyone at the meeting agreed that the bill should include more funding for border security and reform of chain migration, the visa lottery, and DACA. 

She said that the wall is part of the president’s goal of more border security. 

“The wall is one of the pieces, as well as technology and a number of other things that have been laid out by the Department of Homeland Security,” Sanders confirmed. 


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