After Sending Media Away, President Donald Trump Joked with RNC About Mental Test

Trump RNC

President Donald Trump spoke at an RNC meeting at the Trump International hotel, but the White House press pool was escorted out after he derided them as “haters.”

Breitbart News obtained an audio recording of the rest of Trump’s speech as he delighted the crowd by discussing the details of his cognitive exam at Walter Reed Military Hospital. He boasted that he got a “30-for-30” score.

“You know that’s risky. If I take it, it doesn’t come out so good, they don’t get rid of it,” Trump said about the test. “It’s risky, does that make sense to people?

He said that in the beginning of the test, he had to identify sketches of animals, which was pretty easy.

Later in the test, he explained, he had to repeat disassociated words as the test administrators asked him to repeat them at different points in the test.

“Let me tell you, those last ten questions are hard,” he said, and added. “There aren’t a lot of people that can do that.”

Trump appeared proud of his health, commenting that his friends frequently talked about going into the doctor to get knee and hip replacements.

“You know why, because you use your hips so much,” he said, before adding. “I may have problems, but I’m never going have knee problems or hip problems.”

Trump said he was up to nine minutes on the treadmill for his physical, even though he was only asked to do five before the doctor asked him if he wanted to keep going.

“I said, ‘What do I have to prove?’” he said. “I’m telling you, I could have gone much longer.”

Trump praised the Walter Reed hospital as a “great hospital” with “incredible doctors.”

He also spoke about the state of the Republican party, praising the great talent and reliving election night stories despite reports from the “fake news” that suggested that traditionally red states were in play.

“Anyone watching CNN? Fake news. Fake. Fake. Fake. They say Ohio is in play,” Trump said. He also mocked protest candidate Evan McMullin in Utah, without mentioning his name.

“Remember when they had that clown come out? That’s the guy that nobody ever heard of, supposed to be beating me?” he asked. “Hillary beat him in Utah.”

Later in the evening, Trump took questions from state RNC members in the audience.



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