Media Fail: Trump Job Approval on Economy Soars to 51%

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

President Trump’s job approval on the economy has soared to 51 percent, according to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls.


What was bound to happen appears to finally be happening… After more than a year–  without a single shred of evidence — of fake news-frenzies pushing conspiracy theories about Russian collusion/obstruction, in their infinite wisdom, the American people are finally tuning out the media’s neurotic white noise to turn their focus on what President Trump has actually accomplished.

With the scales falling from their eyes, they like what they see.

Over the last two weeks, on the all-important issue of it’s the ECONOMY stupid, Trump’s job approval rating has soared to a very healthy 51 percent — not in a single poll, but on the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of all polls. Only 43 percent disapprove of Trump’s economic stewardship, which puts him above water by 8 points.

On January 12, Trump was upside down 47 – 45 percent — a ten point turnaround in a little over two weeks.

This is also, by far, Trump’s best showing on the economy in the seven month history of RCP’s tracking. The president’s previous best average was 46 percent.

Trump’s overall job approval rating has also gotten a boost. The president now sits at a 41.5 percent approval,  a three point jump from January 14.

UPDATE: Trump’s job approval leapt to 49 percent in Friday’s Rasmussen poll, this boosted his RCP average to 42 percent.

These polls, however, do not factor in three big events. The first of course is Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday, which grabbed the largest number of television viewers since 2010 and was very well received by the public. A CBS News poll not only showed that 75% of viewers approved of the speech, so did 72 percent of Independents and a whopping 43 percent of Democrats.

Even a poll taken by the far-left Politico found that 62 percent graded the president’s speech as “excellent” or “good.”

The floundering anti-Trump cable channel CNN found 70 percent approval.

The second Big Event not yet reflected in the polls is the ongoing implosion of the Russian/obstruction investigation.

We do not yet know how big of a bombshell will go off with the imminent release of a Congressional memo that is said to detail widespread surveillance abuse at the highest levels of the Obama administration, the FBI and Justice Department. But if it is anything close to what is advertised, a Russia investigation that is already seen by many as a partisan fishing expedition and witch hunt, could collapse entirely — at least when it comes to credibility with the public.

The third big event will be when the media is proven a liar in the form of paychecks. For months the media shamelessly lied about the Trump tax cut with the false claim that everyday Americans would see no tax cut or a tax increase. Not only have some 200 companies already announced that this tax cut will result in pay raises and bonuses for more than three million employees, the actual tax cut for working Americans will kick in this month.

The last piece of bad polling news for the media is the generic Congressional poll that tracks voter sentiment going into the all-important 2018 mid-terms. Nothing would thrill the media more than to see that Big Blue Wave hit, but that wave is fading fast. What was a 13 point advantage three weeks ago, has now shrunk to just seven points. And all of these polls were taken before Democrats were seen looking at their phones instead of standing to applaud our veterans at the State of the Union.

The game plan for Democrats and their media is to make the 2018 midterm elections a referendum on Trump.

As of right now, that plan is backfiring bigly.

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