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Virginia Social Worker Claims She Was Fired for Having Concealed Carry Permit

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Former Roanoke City Social Services employee Storm Durham claims she was fired for possessing a concealed carry permit.

She stressed that she was not fired for having a gun. Rather, she alleges that her termination hinged solely on possessing the carry permit.

Durham posted a tweet on Friday in which she claimed she was taken out of the building via police escort after being fired:

She used a Facebook post to elaborate:

Today, I was escorted by not one, not two, but three Roanoke City Police Officers to my office where I packed up months of thank you cards, and pictures of kids I’ve helped. I was escorted by officers who have been with me on visits where I placed a child with a relative due to risks, or when I was hugged by a child because they finally felt safe again. I was told to pack immediately and that I could not even use the bathroom to take a minute for myself because of my “serious safety concerns to the building.”

Durham added:

I have a concealed carry permit. I own guns. I hunt. I target shoot. I represent Women hunters and outdoorswomen. Does that make me a criminal? Does that make me a safety risk to others? A big enough safety risk to be escorted by three Roanoke City Police officers? So scary and threatening that I need to be treated like a criminal? To be humiliated and looked down upon for owning a gun? For legally having a gun, registering that gun, and having the appropriate documentation for that gun?

She used the last part of her Facebook post to stress that she never brought her gun into the Roanoke City Department of Social Services’s building or “on their property.”

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