Women Launch Motherhood Movement, Push Back on Feminist Propaganda 

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A gathering of women in the nation’s capital last week was not coincidentally held on International Women’s Day.

Organizers said the press conference held at the Phyllis Schlafly Center was to announce to the nation and the world that mothers want to take back America from the grip of feminism and liberalism and return it to a country focused on family, freedom and the principles embraced by its founding fathers.


Those gathered at a center named for a woman who spent her life championing the same values celebrated March 8 as International Mothers Influence Day—a day that brought to fruition Kimberly Fletcher’s vision when she founded Homemakers for America to advance the idea that mothers are a cornerstone of American society and culture responsible for raising the next generation.

Fletcher also wanted to rebuke the misinformed feminist belief that discounts the importance of motherhood and the socialist ideal that children are the responsibility of the state.

“We are the silent majority of women in America and in the world who want our families to be cherished, our rights under God to be respected and to be able to lead, guide and nurture our families and children in the way that we see fit,” Fletcher said at the press conference.

Fletcher’s vision began with Homemakers for America but grew into a coalition of conservative women and pro-life, pro-family, and pro-America organizations across the country that launched a movement, Moms March for America.

Kimberly Fletcher, center left in lavender shirt, founded Homemakers for America and has now joined with like-minded mothers to launch a movement to counter feminism. They held a press conference last week in Washington, DC, to announce the Declaration of Mothers that is the platform for the movement dubbed Moms March for America.

The website describes it as “a cultural movement of moms that together will march forward to restore the value to motherhood, marriage, womanhood, and patriotism proclaimed through the lives they lead, the children they raise and the liberty they possess.

“Living counter-culture they are ignited with the passion of patriots of the past while firmly planted on the foundation of God and a clear vision of hope for the future. They will change their homes, their communities and indeed a nation.”

And last week, women from across the United States came to Washington, DC, to mark the first International Mother’s Influence Day.

They also came to make the official presentation of a two-year-in-the-making project, the Declaration of Mothers, which has been signed by thousands of women in 6,000 cities and all 50 states since it was sent virtually across the nation in May.

And in January, the Worldwide Declaration of Mothers was put forth, with organizations around the globe representing more than 8 million women in 170 countries signing on to the document.

“It’s about women who put their priorities first and realize that in our home is where our greatest influence is and that we are not just making a home, but we are shaping a nation,” Fletcher said, adding that she believes the movement can reverse the damage done by liberalism and feminism in recent decades.

“We have the power to completely turn it around in one generation,” Fletcher said. “That’s why we launched this movement.”

Cecelia DeSonia is one of the women who joined the movement and said in her remarks last week that she believes that retaking the culture and the country includes reclaiming the public school system, which currently indoctrinates students to accept liberalism, feminism and the LGBT agenda.

“This movement is all about awakening moms to the power they possess to reshape this nation and inspire our children so that they will be the adults that will bring this country back to upholding morals and Constitutional principles our founding father’s dreamed it would be—a democratic government that limits government power,” DeSonia said.

Donna Rice Hughes serves on Moms March for America’s advisory board. She spoke about the “Enough is Enough” campaign that she launched in the 1990s to protect American children from the darkest corners of the Internet.

“The United States is second in the world in hosting pornography websites,” Hughes said. “America is the number one producer, distributor, and exporter of hardcore internet pornography.”

Many other women shared their testimony at the press conference, including Farrah Prudence who said she escaped abuse at the hands of her father after he forced her Christian mother to convert to Islam and moved the family to the Middle East where they lived under Sharia law, which she said is taking hold in some parts of the United States.

Prudence, now a Christian and mother of a young daughter, said she is “fighting for the identity of our country.”

Marvina Case spoke eloquently about a mother’s responsibility.

“The breakdown of the family has brought our society to its knees, and sadly it’s not in prayer,” Case said. “We are building too many weapons, and they are not guns.”

“They are motherless children or those whose cradles were not lovingly balanced and rocked,” Case said.

Fletcher also said the movement she launched is meant to counter the Women’s March that was born following the election of President Donald Trump, according to a press kit distributed the media ahead of the press conference.

“It is clear that despite what the media and radical feminists would have us believe, the pink-hatted protestors do not speak for the majority of women in America—or the world,” the press release said.

Breitbart News asked Fletcher why this is the right time for the movement.

“We are at a critical time in our culture,” Fletcher said. “Our children are under constant assault—from gender confusion to global warming guilt.”

“We are bombarded with messages that tell our boys they are rapists in the making and our girls they will always be victims,” Fletcher said. “White privilege is taught in schools as historical fact, making white kids feel guilty and black kids feel like they’ll never succeed.”

“All these things are pushed on our kids by radical feminists and their cohorts,” Fletcher said.

Last week’s gathering concluded with the women reading the Declaration of Mothers, which says, in part:

As the mothers, primary Makers of the Homes of America and molders of the future of our nation, we declare that the liberty and freedom of all people begin in the home and that a nation is but a magnified home. The values and virtues taught within the family will determine the values and virtues of the nation as a whole.

We recognize the sacred role of mother as the heart of the home and home as the heart of society. The liberty of each individual begins in the home and parents are, first and foremost, the primary teachers and protectors of their children in a free society.

Properly constructed social, religious, and governmental institutions are designed to support and strengthen the family unit, not replace it or regulate it. No association or government organization can replace the family no matter how well-intentioned or well-designed it may be.

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