Donald Trump Suggests Possible Action Against Iran ‘Butchers’

TEHRAN, IRAN - DECEMBER 20: Woman with phone passing in front of an anti-american propoganda slogan depicting statue liberty skeleton on the wall of the united states embassy, central district, tehran, Iran on December 20, 2015 in Tehran, Iran. (Photo by Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us/Corbis via Getty Images)
Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us/Corbis via Getty Images

President Donald Trump has signaled a willingness to aggressively challenge Iran.

Speaking after his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, Mr. Trump said, “We’re looking forward to doing something, but it has to be done, and it has to be done strongly. They’ve very much been butchers and we can’t allow that to happen.”

Trump made his comments to reporters after an expanded meeting with Macron and members of his staff to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and other issues. Macron believes that the Iran deal is important to maintaining peace in the Middle East, while Trump repeatedly decries the deal as “terrible.”

Neither president detailed the possible actions against Iran, but that the two leaders said after the meeting that they understood each other on the issue.

“I think we’ve really had some substantive talks on Iran,” Trump said. “Maybe more than anything else.”

When asked by reporters if he was open to keeping the Iran deal, he replied, “You’ll see.”

Earlier Tuesday, Trump commented in a conversation with Marcron that Iran was behind most of the troubles in the Middle East.

“It just seems that no matter where you go, especially in the Middle East, Iran is behind it. Wherever there’s trouble — Yemen, Syria, no matter where you have it — Iran is behind it,” he said.



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