Nolte — Poll: 53 Percent Believe Mueller Investigation Is Politically Motivated

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian collusion hoax has soured a solid majority of 53 percent of the American people, who see the investigation as “politically motivated.” Only 44 percent, according to this CBS poll, say the investigation is “justified.”

The real bad news for Democrats and their establishment media allies is that a majority of 54 percent of independent voters see the Mueller probe as tainted politically.

Nearly a quarter of Democrats (23 percent) agree.

These numbers have been slowly creeping against Mueller since December of last year, when only 48 percent believed the investigation was politically motivated and 46 percent said it was justified.

If there is a silver lining for Mueller it is that 76 percent still want President Trump to cooperate with Mueller, even if that includes an interview, and 64 percent think the investigation should run its course.

Republicans, however, are growing increasingly skeptical as their attitudes harden against what Trump has described as a “witch hunt.” Only 53 percent want the president to cooperate if Mueller asks for an interview (a drop from 73 percent in January), and 68 percent want congressional Republicans to try to end the investigation.

Regardless, besides time, two other things are not on Mueller’s side. The first, of course, is the lack of any evidence whatsoever that Trump did anything wrong involving collusion or obstruction. The second is that the only people who have been caught in violation of the law and proper procedure are members of the Deep State out to destroy Trump, including high-ranking members of the FBI who have either been fired or demoted.

The charges Mueller has filed either border on the absurd (12 Russian nationals for a drop-in-the-bucket Facebook ad buy) or gotchas (Gen. Michael Flynn for a procedural crime that looks shakier by the day) or straight-up desperate (Paul Manafort for things that happened years prior to 2016).

Remarkably, with the entire propaganda machine of the mainstream media on his side, cheerleading for him 24/7, still 53 percent of the public sees Mueller as politically tainted. Moreover, this is a poll of “all adults,” not registered or likely voters. In polls only of adults, Trump almost always does worse than when the poll is screened for voters. 

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