Delingpole: Of Course Oversized People Should Pay a ‘Fat Tax’ on Their Fashion

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

A UK fashion chain has been accused of administering a “fat tax” after being caught charging more for clothes for “plus-size” people than it does for thin people.

According to the BBC:

Fashion chain New Look is reviewing its prices after an outcry that some larger-sized clothes were more expensive than those in smaller sizes.

The High Street retailer said it was hoping to “ensure pricing differences like these” did not happen in future.

It comes after a shopper saw trousers in its Curves range cost 15% more than a pair in the main collection.

Can anyone explain to me what the problem is here?

The first and most obvious point is that clothes for fat people inevitably require more fabric. People who work in the “plus-size” industry admit this:

However, Anna Scholz, a plus-size fashion designer, told the programme there was a limit to the size range that could be produced for the same price as it can take twice the fabric to make the same shirt for a larger size as a small one.

“As a company we sell from size 16 to 28 – if I had smaller sizes as well I would have to price them differently.”

Charging a premium which reflects this difference is no injustice. What is unjust, however, is expecting normal-size people to subsidize lard-butts – which is exactly what they’d be doing if they had to pay the same price for clothes which required less material.

My bigger concern here, though, is what this story tells us about the way our traditional market economy is gradually being choked by a noxious, communitarian miasma where political correctness and identity politics trump rationalism and natural justice.

So one – count her: one – whiny offence-taker complained to New Look about this perceived infraction of her made-up rules about how commercial enterprises ought to conduct their business.

And instead of telling this hag exactly where she could shove her plus-size price differentials, New Look caved and promised to review its policies to “ensure pricing differences like these” did not happen in future.

I do not want to live in this stupid world. If New Look seriously thinks it ought to be in the business of dispensing social justice – as opposed to just thinking about the bottom line, which ought to be the sole regard of any commercial venture – then instead of lowering the price of its fat range of clothing it should double it.

This weird modern notion – heavily touted, for obvious reasons, by feminist munters – that it’s a woman’s right to get as porcine as she likes and that the job of the rest of us is to smile benignly and say “You go, girl!” is just wrong. It’s unhealthy; it’s unaesthetic; it’s not conducive to reproduction (which, after all, is what we’re all here for in the end…)

New Look are despicable cowards.

The hag that complained is a right royal pain.

But worst of all are the BBC and the Telegraph for running abject drivel like this article titled ‘Why the ‘fat tax’ is an insult to all women – and what New Look should do’ 

No real person believes any of this stuff. Only embittered harpies who read Gender Studies at “Uni”.



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