Good Samaritan Saves 6-Year-Old Who Fell on NYC Subway Tracks

ROCKAWAY, NY - NOVEMBER 4: Commuters wait for the D train November 4, 2012 in New York City. A week after Superstorm Sandy hit the city, most of the subway lines are running, with some lines still suspended and others running on a limited basis. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)
Allison Joyce/Getty Images

A quick-thinking Good Samaritan rescued a six-year-old girl who slipped and fell onto the subway tracks in Brooklyn on Saturday.

The girl and her mother had been riding a D train towards Coney Island when the child, running around the Atlantic Avenue subway station platform, slipped and fell between two subway cars, the New York Post reported.

The Good Samaritan — whose identity was not revealed — knelt on the platform and reached down to pull the girl to safety. Despite the fall, the child only suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Other Good Samaritans have swept into New York City’s subway tracks to save passengers in distress. In April 2017, a Con Edison worker pulled a man from the subway tracks one minute before the L train rolled into a Manhattan subway station.

Just two months before, a Good Samaritan helped a 16-year-old girl up from the subway tracks after a group of 10-15 teenage boys beat her up and shoved her onto the subway tracks at Utica Avenue station in Brooklyn. No trains had pulled into the station at the time of her rescue and the victim suffered minor injuries.