Police: Suspected Illegal Alien Charged with Sexually Assaulting 15-Year-Old

Jose Nahun Lopez-Cruz, 24, was charged with sexual assault of a child after he introduced police to his 15-year-old 'wife' in Dallas
Dallas County Jail

A Texas man whom authorities suspect is in the U.S. illegally was arrested and charged Sunday with sexual assault after he allegedly introduced a 15-year-old girl to a police officer as his “wife,” police said.

Police stopped Jose Nahun Lopez-Cruz, 24, for parking illegally in a handicap spot in a neighborhood south of downtown Dallas whereupon he told an officer the girl was only 15 years old, the Daily Mail reported.

“It’s OK, she is gonna be 16 soon,” Lopez-Cruz allegedly told the officer, according to police records. The police officer, who was not amused by his statement, arrested Lopez-Cruz on Sunday and charged him with sexually assaulting a minor and drug possession.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the unidentified minor told the police she had been living with Lopez-Cruz for two months and had been having sex with him regularly.

Officers also discovered an open can of alcohol in Lopez-Cruz’s vehicle, which he said belonged to the 15-year-old. The teenager told police a different story, saying a bag of marijuana near the open container of alcohol belonged to Lopez-Cruz.

Lopez-Cruz is being held in the Dallas County Jail on $25,500 bond. It is unclear if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has opened an investigation into his legal status.

Many illegal aliens accused of committing crimes—especially those who have committed sex crimes—have avoided deportation, in part, due to the policies of sanctuary cities.

In March, the mayor of Oakland, California, warned illegal aliens of potential raids by ICE officials in northern California.

ICE officials later said that several of the 800 illegal aliens who evaded capture in northern California at the time of her warning had been convicted of sex crimes, driving under the influence (DUI), and armed robbery.

Two of those illegal aliens had been convicted of sex crimes and were deported at least once.


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