Sen. Kamala Harris to Census: Count Transgenders, Don’t Count Citizens

Jose Luis Magana / Associated Press

U.S. Census officials must not count the number of citizens, legal immigrants or illegal migrants in the United States, but must categorize and count everyone’s sexual preferences and their sense of masculinity or feminity, says Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris.

The doubled-edged demands spotlight the effort by Harris and other Democrats to prevent any count of citizens and immigrants in the 2020 census — and also to force the Census to track the number of gays and of “transgender” people who are trying to live as members of the opposite sex.

Democrats say they oppose the administration’s December 2017 plan to count citizens and non-citizens in the 2020 Census because they fear the question will deter some legal or illegal immigrants from adding themselves to the census. Harris Tweeted August 6:

Harris’ opposition to a citizenship census is backed by her progressive allies, including Vanita Gupta, the director of civic regulation in former President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice. She told the New York Timeseditorial board that a citizenship count is urged by people who:

are trying to fundamentally change what this country is, and aspires to be, by creating different classes of people — including people who may actually be here legally but who are rendered invisible for political representation purposes, as well as for the purposes of being part of the community and sharing in police, health care, hospitals, schools and the like.

And the data that would come from the citizenship question are a precursor to that push, a necessary ingredient for states that want to make their noncitizens invisible.

In contrast, the government must know how many people view themselves as gay or transgender, Harris says.

On July 31, Harris introduced a draft law that would direct the Census to count gay and people trying to live as members of the opposite sex. The legislation, co-sponsored by 19 other Democratic Senators, is called the “Census Equality Act,” and it says:

(1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary, in carrying out sections 141 and 193 of title 13, United States Code, shall expand the data collection efforts of the Bureau to require the collection of data concerning sexual orientation and gender identity as part of the decennial census and the American Community Survey.

Harris declared August 5:

Advocates for transgenderism claim roughly 0.6 percent of Americans want to live as members of the opposite sex. However, a study of the 2010 Census reported that only one in every 2,400 Americans has changed their name from one sex to another. That small fraction is just 0.04 percent of adults. The fight over numbers is politically important because progressive advocates are trying to persuade judges to establish the transgender ideology, which says that government and society must suppress any legal and civic recognition that men and women, girls and boys, are both different and complementary, as well as equal.

Outside the Democratic Party, pro-American reformers and national-minded populists say a census count of citizenship is valuable and say that Democrats are trying to hide the huge annual inflow of legal and illegal immigrants which are shifting cultural and political power towards the Democrats’ progressive-led raucous coalition of minorities.

Each year, four million Americans turn 18 in a nation of 283 million native-born Americans, 35 million legal immigrants and 11 million illegal immigrants.

But each year, the federal government also invites 1 million immigrants to live in the United States, provides work permits to a shifting population of at least 2 million guest workers, and deports very few of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. That inflow has helped Democrats gain electoral power in California and other states because the vast majority of new immigrants support the political party which promises to shifts taxpayer funds, political power and civic status towards the newcomers and away from Americans. 

Harris’ push to count sexual minorities is intended to boost the visibility and political clout of Democratic-affiliated sexual minorities. The boost would contradict the preferences of mainstream citizens and families who prefer policies which favor ordinary Americans.

In an August 5 statement, Harris said:

The spirit of the census is that no one should go uncounted and no one should be invisible. We must expand data collections efforts to ensure the LGBTQ community is not only seen, but fully accounted for in terms of government resources provided.

The pending Census plan would count the number of gay couples.

In an August 3 event with far-left progressives, Harris denounced the American public’s widespread dislike of the Democrats’ divide-and-rule politics of mass immigration and identity groups, which is dubbed “identity politics”:

Because let’s be clear, when people say that, it’s a pejorative. That phrase is used to divide, and it is used to distract. Its purpose is to minimize and marginalize issues that impact all of us. It is used to try and shut us up.

On August 4, she again sidelined the unifying and simple role of citizenship in identifying Americans and instead claimed “sexual orientation … define[s] our identity as Americans.”:

The public disagreement with the progressives’ transgender ideology is a threat to national security, she insisted August 6:







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