Gorka: NYT Anonymous White House Op-Ed a National Security Issue…or a Hoax

Sebastian Gorka
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Sebastian Gorka — former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, Fox News national security strategist, and author of “Why We Fight: Recovering America’s Will to Win” — speculated that an anonymous New York Times op-ed ostensibly written by a senior administration official is either a national security issue or a hoax.

Gorka offered his remarks in a Thursday interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Gorka said, “If this is true, then this is a national security issue.”


Gorka continued: “If it is somebody in the White House, this is the definition of sedition. Just look it up in the Merriam-Webster, right now. Sedition is a crime. It is the overt or covert attempt to undermine a lawful authority or a constitutional order. If you disagree with the president, you are not elected to undermine him.

Gorka added, “I was a politically commissioned officer. My job was to be loyal to his agenda and his policies. If you don’t like him, you resign and leave. If you actively admit to being quote-unquote part of the resistance inside the White House, you are committing sedition, sabotage, and subversion.”

Gorka remarked, “This person should be rooted out. If this person exists, I do not want to be in their shoes, because I know right now, a four-star Marine Corps legend is on this person’s trail like a bloodhound and will remove this person from their position.”

Gorka wondered if the New York Times exaggerated the status of the op-ed’s author as a “senior administration official.”

“You know what the most likely scenario is?” asked Gorka rhetorically. “I think this is some disgruntled little peon who makes photocopies in the Eisenhower Executive Building. This is some pussyhat-wearing snowflake who was left over from the Obama administration. This is their attempt at a moment of glory to satisfy their overinflated view of themselves, and the New York Times has painted this as a senior official. I think perhaps that’s the most likely scenario. There is nothing in this letter that speaks to this person being a senior member of the administration.”

Gorka went on, “I can tell you — I can’t go into names — but I can give you lists of articles where they quoted senior government officials, and we found out who they were, and these were nobodies. These were peons. These were inherited [General Schedule (GS)] employees, who never had a political commissioning statement from the president [and] never swore an oath of a senior government official.”

“This is the New York Times-CNN-Washington Post standard,” assessed Gorka.”They invent senior government officials who really are nothing of the sort.”

Gorka added, “I strongly suspect this is just garbage written by somebody who doesn’t even work in the White House. … There’s nothing in it indicating that it’s actually a senior individual.”

Gorka noted, “Only about 60 people who can call themselves senior government officials [or] senior White House officials.”

Gorka suggested removing what he described as entrenched bureaucrats hostile to the president’s agenda from the National Security Council (NSC).

“The NSC is a disaster,” stated Gorka. “It was 55 people under Eisenhower. It’s now 420, and most of them are people who are deep swamp creatures. Fire almost everybody, and we will have a tough time. Fill it with people who may not have 20 years in government, and it will be creaky for about six or nine months, but we’ll bring in people from the campaign. … We’ll put in people who believe in [Make America Great Again] who can learn on the job.”

Hostility from “the swamp,” said Gorka, will further reveal to Americans the corruption of Washington, DC.

“We have to be thankful, really, because they’ve unmasked themselves,” Gorka said. “They’ve come out of the closet for the hypocrites that they are. … I think it’s going to reap massive dividends for the lovers of the founding principles this country was based upon when it comes November. I think the average American sees all of this. They look at the New York Times op-ed piece, they look at the Washington Post celebration of the resistance sleeper cells, they look at the utter circus Democrats have been orchestrating on Capitol Hill, and they say, ‘This is why we elected Donald Trump.’ I think also … it’s actually going to bring over fence-sitters. … I think there’s 20 percent or more of the Bernie voters who are also going to say, ‘Man, oh man, this is broke, and Donald Trump may be the man to fix it.’”

Gorka concluded, “Keep on unveiling yourselves for the rank hypocrites you are, because at the end of the day, it will help us — who love this country — to heal it.”

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