Al Green: ‘I Owe It to Unborn Generations’ to Impeach Trump

Al Green AP

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) explained on Thursday that he owes it to “unborn generations” to impeach President Donald Trump.

Green, who has insisted that Trump does not have to commit a crime to get impeached, told the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference that “bigotry in this country is the number one problem facing a good many Americans, many of whom are of African ancestry.” He said bigotry must be combated “with an agenda.”

“I will bring Articles of Impeachment once we have a new Congress,” Green said. “If no one else does, I will do it because I owe it to unborn generations to do what I can to take on this challenge.”
Green said it is his responsibility “to make sure that everyone goes on record because history is going to judge us all… this is a moment in time when the world is watching and we ought not let bigotry of this magnitude go unchecked.”

In response to people who ask him why he does not wait to push impeachment, Green said, “Dr. King didn’t wait.” The Texas Democrat said Martin Luther King went back to the Edmund Pettus Bridge after Bloody Sunday even though he knew “invidious discrimination” would not end that day. Green said “Rosa Parks took that seat on the bus” even though she did not think she was going to “end invidious discrimination” that day.

“We all have a watch, and we all have to do what we can to move the agenda forward,” Green said. “This is my watch. This is my agenda. I am going to move it forward. We will have another vote on impeachment.”


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